Was “I Want to Hold Your Hand” your favourite song by The Beatles? 87



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“I Want To Hold Your Hand” was at the forefront of the British invasion of the American music industry and became The Beatles best selling single worldwide.

Despite the song’s UK release being overshadowed by the group’s previous single “She Loves You”, it soldiered on and two weeks later overtook its predecessor and held the number one spot for five weeks.

Three months later “I Want To Hold Your Hand” entered the US Billboard Hot 100 and by February it was the group’s first ever American number one and stayed strong for seven weeks until it was ironically overtaken by the groups previous single “She Loves You”. A reverse scenario to the songs initial release in the UK.

Have a listen to “I Want To Hold Your Hand” now and tell us, was this your favourite beat by The Beatles?

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  1. No !! Nowhere Man was my fave – I used to think “When I’m 64” was a century away – ALAS !!!!!

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