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This song was released in October while the artist was alive, however went to the top today in 1980, after the singer was murdered in New York.

It has been regarded as a comeback single for this former Beatles singer, and has been ranked as #62 on the Billboard Hot 100 of all time.

His partner’s song was a B-side to the album that was 5 years in the making.

A tongue-in-cheek performance, the singer impersonated Elvis and Roy Orbison, making this song memorable and bittersweet for fans of the late musician.

Can you guess what this song is?


Listen to “(Just Like) Starting Over” by John Lennon below:

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  1. that song means A lot to me ,It didn’t make,my MarriageWork out,But I realised no man is Worth A thing in my life,I have had two bad marriages,ButI it could be my fault too ,But Iam Happy for once in my life and No man canEver think He knows me Because I I know What happing,next

  2. “Tongue in cheek”, “impersonating”? Have you never heard of influences? John was a rock ‘n roller from way back and was also influenced by the blues. He didn’t need to imitate anyone, tongue in cheek or otherwise.

  3. Brought a little tear to my eye … reminded me of the day he was gunned down and we lost a soldier for peace.

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