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‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ was released by the Beatles in 1964 on the A side of their album, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’. The song made the biggest jump in the charts of all time – leaping from number 27, straight to number one.

Written by Paul McCartney, the singer once said that the meaning of the song was supposed to be left open for interpretation, but when journalists announced that the song was about a prostitute, stated that “the idea behind it was that all these material possessions are all very well, but they won’t buy me what I really want”.

What did you think this song was about when you first heard it? What’s your favourite Beatles song?

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  1. Exactly what Paul said it was. Never occurred to me that it was anything to do with prostitution. Same with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – press said it was drug related, but it was inspired by John’s young son’s painting. Totally innocent.

  2. Me too Christine Hudson, not that I had the slightest clue about LSD! I thought Cant buy me love meant if someone doesn’t love you, then money is useless!

  3. Great days for music which we could sing to. Don’t remember any controversy other than from my folks (long hair beatle boots duffelcoats) etc.

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    • and when you look at photos now their hair wasn’t all that long….but I suppose we were going from short back and sides.

  4. A lot of us never read between the lines but on reflection a lot of songs had hidden messages!

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