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In April 1970, this single had the highest debut ever on the Billboard top 100 at number six. Shortly afterward, it held the number one spot for several weeks. In fact, the song is ranked number three in the Beatles 100 best songs list!

It was the final song both sung and written by John Lennon before he chose to leave the band.

The song has won an Oscar and Grammy for the original song score from its documentary film. Then to top it off, it has a two-time platinum certification!

Do you know which song this is?


Listen to “Let It Be” by The Beatles:


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  1. YYour information is incorrect, this song was mostly written and sung by Paul McCartney. It was dedicated to his mother – Mary.

    1 REPLY
    • I would have to agree with James….it’s a paul McCartney song. John Lennon’s great one is “Imagine”.

  2. Your link indicates that John Lennon wrote and sang “Let it Be”. He didn’t – Paul McCartney wrote most of it and it is his voice singing it.

  3. For Peter’s sake, do some research before you write articles like this. Paul wrote and sang this song.

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