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The Osmonds had many hits throughout their career but 1971 was the year “One Bad Apple” was number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Debuting on the charts in January, it reached number one on February 13th, 1971 and stayed there for five weeks!

This song was so popular that it also reached number six on the R&B chart and was ranked the number four song for 1971 by Billboard.

Interestingly, George Jackson originally wrote this song for the Jackson 5 and apparently many people mistook the group for the Jacksons upon first hearing the song.

It is rumoured that Michael Jackson told Donny Osmond that the Jackson 5 almost recorded it, but ended up choosing their hit ABC instead.

You may also remember this song from the cartoon TV show The Osmonds, airing on ABC-TV, which played “One Bad Apple” as their theme song.

Watch them perform their hit live and tell us, where were you when you first heard this song?

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  1. I was in Gove in the top end of Australia , I will never forget what a wonderful experience it was , I had my 21st birthday there as my father was forman in charge of building the school hospital and the clubhouse . We only had one hour of radio at we could just pick up from Alice Springs and no TV just outdoor movies a couple of nights a week so we made our own fun it was great

  2. Ssshhhhh ! Don’t tell anyone but I actually went to their concert at Fest hall I was about 14 I think

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