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Source: NT Police Museum and Historical Society

In 1963, my father was stationed in Alice Springs as an air traffic controller and the same year, the Queen visited us.

I was 10 years old and had heard much about Her Majesty – her visit was very exciting indeed. My parents, on the other hand, couldn’t really care less. I told all my school friends that my dad would be one of the first to spot her plane coming in to our small local airport. I felt a sense of pride and joy, even at a young age.

When the day came for the Queen and Prince Philip to visit our humble Northern Territory town, I wanted to look the best I could in my school uniform. I attended Ross Park Primary School. I lined up at the showgrounds oval with the whole school and community as the Queen stopped and smiled at her fans. She looked amazing, and as she passed, I leaped the front and tried to touch her. She smiled at me and that’s all I needed. I feel as if I met the Queen, maybe a little silly of me but in that split second, she saw me!

I remember it being very hot, as it always is in Alice Springs, and wondering how on Earth the Queen could wear such an outfit (sleeveless chiffon). I decided she had cold skin from England!

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of course weren’t just there to come to our showgrounds, as I thought at the time, but they were there to see the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia base – Her Majesty even made a broadcast on the radio.

I still look back on that day as one of my most fond in my childhood. A brush with royalty. I’m so pleased that the Queen has become the longest reigning monarch today – she’s one of the only constants in my life, as silly as it sounds. She is one person I can rely on to stand regally at the other side of the world. I wonder if she remembers visiting us 50+ years ago and that little girl who couldn’t wait to meet her.

Long live the Queen!


Tell us, have you ever had a brush with royalty? What happened?

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  1. Royalty yeah right when they arent killing humans or their relatives then they kill animals preferably with 50 hounds and thirty horse riders ,to kill one tiny fox then they smear the blood of this tiny fox all over themselves ,so thats real royal

  2. When Charles and Diana came to Gosford, it was a Sunday. I was travelling to work dressed in my nursing uniform. I was pulled over in my car as they were expected along the Entrance road. So decided to cross over onto the medium strip. I was the only one standing there. As the car approached, I saw Charles on my side, rather disappointed as I was hoping Diana was sitting there! However Charles saw me and gave me a big smile and waved at me. I was so close to them as they passed. So arrived at work and told my colleagues that Prince Charles had smiled at me!

  3. I adore everything about the Queen. But I think the thing I admire most about her is her dedication to her duty. All the long years she has served and kept her head high under the most painful circumstances. To be nearly ninety and still working full time is an inspiration and example to us all.

  4. When i was 5 the Queen and prince, went to Hamilton victoria. Mum and dad got us up very early to go there from Camperdown vic. We sat on the side of the road.for hours, when it neared the time of their majesty’s arrival we were dressed in new clothes and stood waiting. The car drove slowly passed, the Queen waved at us and was gone. My mum said “is that it”. Never went to see the Queen again lol

  5. The Queen has since made a few visits to Alice Springs.
    The last time I saw her in Todd Mall with Prince Phillip, Prince Phillip looked like any old age pensioner, slightly stooped with a long sleeve shirt buttoned up, slowly shuffling down the mall.
    I’ve met and talked to Prince Charles at the Alice Springs Desert Wildlife Park and seen Princess Dianne with Ross Park kids as a teacher in 1983 .
    I also remember seeing one of the other royals – a cousin from memory giving a speech on a train in Alice Springs.

  6. I was living in Woomera back in 1953 &4 my dad was in the navy so that’s where he was stationed ! Prince Philip came for a tour and all the kids of service personnel formed a guard of honour for him & I was patted on the head !! My mum always told me ” the duke of Edinburgh patted you on the head ” so that was my brush with royalty !!!!

  7. To me 1963, second form in HS, the Kennedy assassination, the Profumo scandall, the Beatles and probably the most important item from then “I have a dream”.

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