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They were the sweet treats that couldn’t be beat and a must have for lunchtime or after school. Do you remember how pivotal lolly bags were to your school life?

It depended on your location on how much they were, some were 10c, some 20c, there have even been reports of some that were 50c but those lolly bags must have come with some gold nuggets.

The only thing that really made them the experience they are was the white paper they were wrapped in. There was something about tearing open that paper to get at the confectionary goodness.

What was in the bag varied as much as the price but most bags contained cobbers, freckles, chicos, gummy teeth, sherbets, redskins, with the occasional milk bottle. Some of the lollies were eaten straight away and somewhere left in the bag. Sometimes they were left in the bag for so long that they threatened your teeth if they were eaten later.

Occasionally these types of lolly bags make a resurgence at the newsagent, canteen, or tuck shop but a lot of parents have been a ban on them due to the items not being individually wrapt. They are the product of a by gone time where the threat of tampering wasn’t around. A sweeter time indeed.

What were some of the lollies that you used to get in these grab bags? Have you seen them around anymore? How much were they for you? Were their lollies that you don’t see around anymore?

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