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Join us tonight in Saturday Night Nostalgia as we look back at our favourite TV mums over the years! You’ll remember these mothers for many reasons – perhaps their likeness to your own mum or mums you know, or because of their funny one liners or eccentricities…..


Shirley Partridge – The Partridge Family

Played by: Shirley Jones
Aired: 1970-1974


Maggie Beare – Mother and Son

Played by: Ruth Cracknell
Aired: 1984-1994


Susan Kennedy – Neighbours

Played by: Jackie Woodburne
Aired: 1985-


Betty Wilson – Hey Dad…!

Played by: Julie McGregor
Aired: 1987-1994


Sophia Petrillo  The Golden Girls

Played by: Estelle Getty
Aired: 1985-1992


Carol Brady – The Brady Bunch

Played by: Florence Henderson
Aired: 1969-1974


Marion Cunningham – Happy Days

Played by: Marion Ross
Aired: 1974-1984


Jane Jetson – The Jetsons

Voiced by: Penny Singleton
Aired: 1962-1988


Samantha Stevens – Bewitched

Played by: Elizabeth Montgomery
Aired: 1964-1972


Caroline Ingalls – Little House on the Prairie

Played by: Karen Grassle
Aired: 1974-1983


Who was your favourite TV mum? Tell us below!

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  1. Definitely Mother from mother and son! She was brilliant!!!!

  2. I liked the acid wit, but love for her kids, of Rosanne myself.

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