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This time 48 years ago, John Farnham was doing Australia proud by topping the Go-Set National Singles charts for five weeks in row and the Australian charts for six weeks.

“Sadie (The Cleaning Lady)” was the largest selling single in Australia by an Australian artist in the 1960s. This song was actually Farnham’s first hit single, he then continued to have a run of hits in the early 70s and branched out into stage drama and TV.

The Aussie icon was quite clever with his marketing of this “Sadie” – he arrange for Melbourne radio host Stan Rofe to pretend he disliked the song before playing it, many fans would call in and ask for the song to be played because of this.

Mike Furber was given the first opportunity to record “Sadie” but declined… he later admitted just how much of a mistake this was.

Who is your favourite Aussie artist and will you be listening to them tomorrow?


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  1. Yes.I worked at a radio station and loved it immediately. I even had it played for my mum who was a cleaner. She wasn’t really that impressed….I wonder why. Memories Ha

  2. Didn’t like him then, don’t like him now.

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    • Never could sing in my opinion,screeched his version of ‘Help’…..I still turn off the radio if one of his songs comes on!!😝😝😝

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      • Agreed – can never understand how he became so popular whilst others with far more talent and musical passion were/are overlooked!

  3. O yeah Sadie the cleaning lady on the radio and on the t v count down a few of the other music shows uptight go with Johnny young banstand

  4. I remember it well and loved it. I went to his concert when he came to our town, talk about gooey teenage girls. Couldnt take our eyes off him.

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