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BMC Australia released the Morris 850 (eventually renamed Mini but forever lovingly known as “The Brick”) in 1961, promoting it as a perfect town runabout but also tough enough to cope with the bush. The manufacturer advertised it as a five-seater but with respect  three in the back seat needed to be children… or very friendly.

A friend emailed me this 1964 Morris 850 ad. It brought back a lot of very good memories, recollections of a little buzz bomb that cornered almost as if on rails. I bet this brings good thoughts and happy comments from many of you.


John Reid

  1. had me a heap of them 850/mini/cooper/cooper s …..fantastic small cars ….saw them win bathurst ……

  2. A revolution in the automotive industry and the concept is still with us today. I had the time of my life modifying and driving my mini, great memories.

  3. My grandfather had the Morris Minor roadster, but I can’t remember if it had the Big Block 1000 or just the 850…. 😎

  4. My sister Lael had one of these when it was called a Mini minor. Same colour if I remember. We travelled up to Sydney to see “Hair”. I was 17 yrs old. What fun.

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