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It was 1981 and Bowie reunited with Queen in a recording studio in Switzerland, with the intention of doing vocals for the song “Cool Cat”.

However in true Bowie style, he got bored and suggested writing a new song from scratch. According to Mark Blake, author of a biography of Freddie Mercury, they began a 24-hour marathon of wine and cocaine and ended up with this amazing piece.

It goes to show just how much talent we have lost, and makes us wonder: will we ever have music geniuses like this ever again?

Take a listen to “Under Pressure” without autotune and tell us: are you so sad to hear of the passing of another musical great?

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  1. How brilliant is this. Love the song, but like this it is amazing. Such a loss and so sad, both too soon.

  2. This shows the amazing quality of the voices of these two craftsmen

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