Photos from your youth that would get your parents in a lot of trouble today 477



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Most of us will totally identify with these photos and realise what (extreme) danger our parents put us in. Funny to think how safe our grandchildren now – proper car seats, bike helmets and no poisonous toys. They practically live in a bubble.

Would you change anything about your childhood? Did you think parents are too careful nowadays?

1. They left us unattended


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2. They wanted us to lose our fingers


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3. They’d pile us in the back of a ute


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4. They let us ride with no helmets
no helmet


5. They called this a car seat

car seat1


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6. They let us drink soft drink

baby soda

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7. They’d let us play in crocodile infested swamps alligator

Image via

8. They took us for a ride in their basket


9. They liked to let us play and move in the car

1station wagon


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10. They didn’t use bike straps

bike and baby


11. They bought us toys that contained led and were fire hazards



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Do you have photos doing these things as children? Do you remember these childhood moments? Share with us below. 

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  1. They let us roam the countryside all weekend with no adults in sight

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    • Society has been hijacked by those that cant cope with life and think that they are normal and every one should be the same.

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      • Keith. that is the best explanation for all this PC and over governed regulations that I have ever heard. It is absolutely spot on.

  2. Parents were more responsible in those days cause I was one of them ! Not like the idiots today!

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    • You are so wrong Stephen smith parents are great people who do the best they can some bring up children to think like you but that is no reflection on them.

    • It’s a whole different way of life and laws since those days. Parents do the best they can with what they can these days. It’s the whole community structure that suck not the parents!!

    • I agree with Lisa, throught out the world way of life and laws are different today. We are lucky to have been children when we were, threre seem to be more trust, people did care for each other and smaller communities where you took care of each other.

    • It follows then that the ‘responsible’ parents of yesteryear are responsible for creating the ‘idiot’ parents of today or does it not???

  3. This is how i rode with my youngest to the school while her older sisters were riding their own bikes. Was a very popular and was a good method of knowing your children got to school safely.

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  4. My parents let me stretch out on the parcel shelf under the back window of my Dad’s old Ford. You’d get arrested for doing that nowadays.

  5. it just goes to show what a lot of nanny state do gooders have forced society to adopt .my motto ïf it ain’t broke why fix it”It is amazing children will survive!!!!!

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