Paul Anka’s duet with Odia Coates becomes no. 1 in 1974 80



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Paul Anka was once a teen idol – the Justin Bieber of the late 50s and 60s. In 1974, Paul joined with an unknown singer at the time, Odia Coates. Together they sang a number 1 hit on the billboard 100s and the song stayed there for four weeks.

Ironically, this number 1 hit was also voted as the worst of all time by CNN in 2006. Paul, now aged 74, still gives a concert now and then but excludes this particular song from his set list.

This song was originally written to celebrate his love and joy of being a father to four girls. Once you have guessed the title of the song, you will understand why the National Organisation of Women called Paul a sexist and chauvinist.

Here is a clue of this song:

I can see it
Face is glowin’
I can see in your eyes
I’m happy you know it

Have a listen to the song here:

What are your memories of this song? Are you a fan of Paul Anka? 

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  1. Beautiful song. My husband always said, I had that special glow. I do not agree that the song is sexist or chauvinistic, but to each their own.

  2. Well, I loved Paul ” I’m so young and you’re so old” Anka! I consider myself an ardent feminist..but what is wrong with “you’re having my baby”?

  3. “DIANA” when I was 15 learnt this song off by heart at a friends one Sat arvo. Thought we were pretty cool, now 74 ????

    2 REPLY
    • Doesn’t really matter Carol, if you feel like it do it, as the saying goes ‘sing like no one is listening”

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