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Back in the 50s, life was simple and fabulous! We had such fun when we were growing up. This awesome video shows us all the things we miss about the good old days: roller skates, drive ins, records, ice cream trucks and so much more.

Thanks so much to Russell for sending this through. If you want to give us a heads up about something fun you’ve seen, email us at [email protected]


What brings back the memories for you in this video? Tell us below and have a chat tonight!

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  1. Loved Caspar the friendly Ghost and Little Lullu! Lots of lovely memories but one sad flash there of an Iron Lung. My cousin’s wife got Bulbar Polio and unfortunately there was only one machine which already was breathing for a patient. Sadly she passed away leaving two little children.

  2. I did not remember some of that stuff. (Must be too young 😉 ) But what I did was wonderful.. Superman in black and white as a series on the old TV. Archie & Veronica comics. Lucy. I was five the first time I saw an Elvis movie and have been in love with him ever since. Have been to Graceland and collect Elvis memorabilia. I still love politics thanks to John Kennedy and the likes. Thank you so much. I loved every minute of this. 🙂

  3. Of course the video brings back childhood memories but it was all from America in the fifties. There were so many things that were uniquely Australian in the 50s and it is those things that I miss from the video clip.

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