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When we got married, we thought our hair looked incredible, but looking back at the photos, we have to laugh and ask “what was I thinking?!”

This awesome video compilation has been made of the iconic wedding hairstyles of the last 60 years, and we have to say, there are some shockers! Is yours in here?

You’ve gotta love the first one this talented lady attempts: 1960s hairdo. She curls her hair meticulously to form a beautiful beehive.

In the 70s, she creates the famous flicks of the era, before transforming into an 80s classic look – the puffed fringe! Oh, the memories.

Into the 90s we go, with the plaited update and strands around the face. The 2000s were a bit more promising with a chic pulled back bun.

Nowadays, brides love the natural loose hair and flower crown. My, how times have changed. Which hairstyle did you have? We’d love to see pics!


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  1. As wedding hair goes I liked all of her does. It was the day to day hair that was OMG territory.

  2. Mine was glued up in a bun like thing with curls on either side of my face, I have curly hair and they set in straight in cement I think, when I tried to let it down it stuck straight out on either side of my head lol

  3. I think the last one looked the nicest but unfortunately I got married in the 60’s when they made sure your hair was bullet proof and your new husband had to have a hacksaw to let it down 🙂

  4. I lovd my hair on my wedding day thanks to Marlene Mueli I felt like a star even today I still think it looked amazing:-)

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