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In 2016, email is one of the simplest things we could possibly do online. But for those of us who used email before the Internet as we know it; before easy broadband connections, smartphones and webmail took the fuss out… it wasn’t quite so straightforward.

The following 1984 instructional video, recently uncovered from obscurity, has just gone viral. It’s a delightful trip back to a far more complex, less accessible era for technology.

Needless to say, has not exactly aged well. For some, it will seem unintentionally hilarious; for others, it may bring back some nostalgic memories of being an early adopter.

Either way: it’s a welcome and novel reminder of just how far we’ve come, and how much more accessible technology has become to all.

Take a look below, and tell us: did you ever have to use email in its earlier form? When did you start sending it regularly?


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