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This song was originally written in 1960 by Paul Anka for his girlfriend at the time, Annette Funicello. When Paul released this song it only ever got to number 2 on the Billboard 100. 12 years later in 1972, Donny Osmond took the lyrics and made them his own. Donny’s version of this song got to number one in Australia for six weeks straight, as well as, number one in Canada and the UK.

This song was also covered by Bebi Dol in 2006, Damnian McGrinty in 2007 and Amy Winehouse in 2009. This song was used as soundtracks in movies such as the Disney classic movie ‘101 Dalmatians’ and the 1993 American horror movie ‘Man’s Best Friend’.

Can you guess what song it is? Here is a clue:

I cry each night my tears for you
My tears are all in vain
I hope and I pray that maybe someday
You’ll be back (you’ll be back) in my arms (in my arms)
Once again (you’ll be back in my arms once again)

Have a listen to “Puppy Love” by Donny Osmond below. 


Tell us, what are you memories of this song? Are you a Donny Osmond fan? 

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  1. Its always felt like Donny’s song. Puppy love will always remain my favorite song I loved it when Donny sung it as a teenager I love hearing him sing it more as a man. Yes I’m a fan will always love Donny.

  2. I just loved that song. Puppy Love.

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    • I really do like puppy love sang by Donny Osmond I have been his fan since he was on the Andy Williams show in the 70s. I like his brothers too I have seen them lots of times on stage I am going to see Jimmy Jay and Merrill in Worthing in December and after my friend and I are going to meet them too we can’t wait

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