Another Beatles song soars to number one in 1968!

The Beatles were wrapping up their filming for their “Magical Mystery Tour” in 1967 when they produced the song “Hello,

The Beatles were wrapping up their filming for their “Magical Mystery Tour” in 1967 when they produced the song “Hello, Goodbye”. The song shot to number one on January 6th 1968 and was the first song that the group released post the death of Brian Epstein who was their manager.

The song was issued as a non-album single and is credited to both Paul McCartney and John Lennon. It sat in the number one position on 9 different charts including the US Billboard Hot 100 and Australia Go-Set National Top 40. More recently the song was covered by the Cure who recorded the song with Paul McCartney’s son James. This was included on their multi-artist compilation “The Art of McCartney”.

Was this your favourite Beatles song? What other Beatles songs do you love?

Listen to Hello, Goodbye here:



  1. Libbi Elliot

    fantastic thanks and don’t you just love the gear they are die for 🙂

  2. Maggie DeKort

    Saw them live in 1964 in Brisbane, have always and will always love The Beatles. My favourite song is Here Comes The Sun, why? Because when I hear it, something wonderful happens to me, hard to explain but that is why it is my favourite even though I love ALL their songs! 🎶🐞⭐️🎶💓

    • Ra Pacey

      I was at that concert too. On entry to Festival Hall I was sitting up on the left close to the stage. I was 13 !!! My dad got free tIckets !!!

    • Maggie DeKort

      Lucky you, I was 13 too and my dad drove me in and brought me home! I was to the left of the stage up on the side! How did your dad get free tickets, I love hearing these stories!

    • Beryl Anderson

      Just as well most people don’t share your view. They appreciate what talent made the Beatles. After all these years they are still being voted as best song etc. I think last year six of their songs came first..not bad..

    • Lyn Pride

      Beryl Anderson simply saying i don’t appreciate their type of music. not saying anything against them and those who like them.

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