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This funky hit song was a huge smash today in 1975 when it became the band’s second number one single.

It is considered to be quite a risque song, with a lot of sexualised lyrics and ‘uh-huh’s!

The track wasn’t just number one once, it topped the chart twice on the pop chart and once on the soul singles chart.

Widely known as a disco song, it certainly gets us boogeying to this day – it is still a staple in nightclubs and at karaoke bars.

Do you remember this song?


Listen to KC and the Sunshine Band’s “That’s the Way (I Like It)” below:

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  1. I thought it may have been Snoopy and the bleep Red Baron or Lola. Those were the days, now nothing is forbidden in lyrics!

  2. Who can remember when the song Big Bad John finished with the phrase “a hell of a man” and there was an uproar? It was changed to ‘” a big big man”!

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