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The birds and the bees aren’t just a fictitious story, the whole thing actually happens in real life. However, some people like to pretend it doesn’t and one farmer has got himself into some trouble because of it!

Stud owner Bruce Cook, from Victoria’s north-west, created a masterpiece sculpture out of hay bales on his property. It was near the road and this has caused some people to be very, very offended by it. So much so, that he’s now facing obscenity charges if he doesn’t remove it, specifically, “publishing pornographic images”.

Mr Cook was quite surprised at the accusations his masterpiece was inappropriate and gave comments to The Weekly Times.

He said, “I couldn’t believe it. How could anyone be offended by something that happens out in the paddocks for real every day of the week?”

“It’s just nature. I told the copper to p*** off”.


So today we want you to decide… Is Mr Cook’s sculpture offensive? Or, considering he runs a stud, is it quite an appropriate and humorous take on the birds and the bees? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below… 



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  1. Omg what is this world coming too I think it’s amazing well done to the farmer lighten up have some fun the world is full of negatives…

  2. how can anyone be offended by that.for goodness sake,just have a smile and stop whinging!!

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    • It took me a few minutes to even realize what this was all about, all I can say is that some peoples minds are in the gutter anyway, for goodness sake lighten up I think the farmer is right and this goes on all the time in the paddock with no one even thinking anything wrong, which, of course, there isn’t – it is just LIFE.

  3. What in the hell would the farmer do that for…all that effort – and for what. Yes it is natural – but why is it news…don’t tell me you call that art. Just plain silly and vacuous.

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    • Does everything you do need to have a purpose? Maybe it’s not ‘art’ .. but it could easily come under the banner of comedy. He did it ‘just for fun’!

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    • try to lighten up and enjoy things! Also I would like to know your definition of ‘Art’ . It has been known to be humerous, you know.

  4. This has taken me about 1min to even see it. I think some people have their heads where the sun don’t shine. .a life for god’s sake

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  5. Obviously these politically correct beauracrats have no sense of humour.

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