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An unemployed engineer decides to try a different profession. He opens a medical practice, hanging a shingle out front that reads, “Medical treatment, $500. No treatment, $1000 back”.

A doctor passes by and sees the notice. He thinks this is a good chance to get $1000. He makes an appointment and tells the engineer, “I’ve lost all taste”.

The engineer asks his nurse to bring in bottle #22 and to place three drops of its contents on the doctor’s tongue. The doctor spits and says, “That’s 98-octane premium unleaded!”

“Terrific,” says the engineer. “You’ve got your taste back. That’ll be $500, please”.

Rather annoyed, the doctor makes another appointment a few days later. He is determined to get that $1000. At least it will put him $500 in front. This time, he tells the engineer, “I’ve lost my memory”.

The engineer asks the nurse to again bring bottle #22. “Please place three drops on his tongue”.

“Agh, that’s 98-octane premium!” exclaims the doctor.

The engineer tells him, “Great! You’ve got your memory back. That will be $500, please”.

More than a bit angry now, the doctor makes another appointment. It’s still possible for him to come out square. When he enters the surgery, he tells the engineer, “I’ve lost my sight”.

The engineer says, “I don’t actually have medicine for that. Here’s $1000″.

The angry doctor explodes, “That’s only $500!”

“How wonderful,” says the engineer. “You’ve got your sight back. That will be $500, please”.

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  1. That is extremely funny and clever, thank you!

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