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A woman had twin babies and fell asleep immediately after. A couple of hours later she finally wakes up and asked the doctor, “Where is my baby?!”

The doctor replied, “They are both fine, you have a beautiful boy and girl. Your husband went back to work and you were out so long that your brother named them”.

The woman looked concerned, “Oh no. What did he name them?”

“He named the girl Denise,” The doctor replies.

The woman, was relieved. She said, “Well that’s not so bad. What about the boy?”


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  1. One of the best names’ for babies ‘, two boys’, two girls’, I’ve ever heard were the following:

    Susan Louise
    Paul Francis
    Christopher John
    Kathy Anne

    Sensible, easy to spell, by anybody, & can be understood, when spoken.
    Sure beats the hell out of some of the idiotic names’ babies’ are currently labelled with!

    AND, Don’t start me on the imbecilic names’ so-called ‘celebrities’ call their long-suffering to-be children.
    A certain UK person’s kids’ have THE worst moniker’s.
    But that doesn’t matter ‘cos daddy’s a multi-millionaire, & in this life, that’s ALL that counts, doesn’t it?

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