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Who says getting older has to be unfunny? No one on Twitter by the sounds of things! One of the biggest trending topics today is #GettingOldin4Words, and some of the responses are classic.

Many of us think of ageing as just a part of life, while others take it in their stride and poke a bit of fun at themselves.

The response to the hashtag on Twitter ranged from hilarious quips to searingly honest phrases.

Here’s a collection of our favourites:

Let’s have some fun today: describe getting older in four words!

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  1. Can’t find anything I put down 3 seconds ago, but fine something I lost 3 weeks ago while I was looking!

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  2. the video/GIF reminded me of Skyhooks – “I’m livin’ in the 70’s. I feel like I lost my keys” – I guess remembering that – by definition – makes me old – ‘rock and roll will never die !’, etc.

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