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Media websites are going crazy today over a beautiful home in Cogeee that has been listed for sale at $9 million. They’re calling it the best view in Australia but we’re wondering exactly what this means…

It could be the best residential view in Australia, which would be one thing. But if we’re being literal and are talking about the best view, I personally believe that I’ve seen more incredible views at some of the places I’ve visited… What about Cable Beach in Broome? Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island? The Sydney Harbour headlands? The Whitsundays? There are so many breathtaking places in Australia with so many amazing views so tell us, what do you think?

Where is the best view in Australia? Does the below $9 million view cut it? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

Photos from Phillips Pantzer Donnelly Real Estate Agents


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  1. Well, it’s better than what I have ATM.

  2. It is a lovely view on a sunny day! Very different in rainy winters conditions. Also salt air plays havoc with metals not to mention salty spray on the windows, forever cleaning them. But of course it is a splendid view, think I’m with Margaret Young on this. Rural views with perhaps a creek and some Hereford cows grazing on green pastures. Hills in the background………..

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    • Hi Molly, I f I could afford $9M for a house I could afford someone to clean the window, but i would have to have them Full Time as the spots would drive me nuts LOL.

  3. Not a patch on the view from St Helen’s, overlooking the coast at Byron Bay and north and west over the farmland then to the ranges and Mt Warning.

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