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It’s hard to tell if this is a bit strange or actually a good thing, but Harold from Neighbours aka Ian Smith, is the face of a new sex education program for high schoolers.

Victorian schools will soon see the DVD (titled ‘Ask Grandad’) featuring Ian, who plays the grandfather of a teenage girl about to go on her first date. He gives her advice on how to use a condom, complete with a pink rubber ‘demonstrator’.

He even says “Unlike me, condoms don’t age so well” – can you hear the cringing and awkward laughing yet?

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Time will tell whether this will be an effective way to present sex education to young people. Or will it make light of a serious situation? According to a La Trobe University study, 40 per cent of teenagers did not use condoms when they last had sex.

Pam Blackman from the La Trobe Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society remains optimistic that the short film would remove embarrassment from sex ed classes, and told The Age, “It’s about kids talking about sex together, being able to laugh together. It wasn’t full of guilt, which was one of the things I went through”.

“Adopting a peer-to-peer approach, the program uses the characters and scenarios shown in the comedic short film ‘Grandad’ to initiate guided classroom discussions”, says the Ansell condoms website.


So, what do you think of this new sex education program? Would you feel comfortable talking about sex with your grandchildren? Will Harold send the right message or will it be a laughing stock? Tell us below….


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  1. People need to realise that aids and stds are on the rise and all the help should be taken in teaching people to at least have safe sex.

  2. Teenagers start early these days and do have sex sometimes on the first date so any instruction to wear a condom is beneficial

  3. Not sure I would have liked my grandad explaining birds & bees to me…….Grins pretty sure he didn’t know that much about them anyway…Besides it is a first date…..

  4. Sex has always been an open subject in our family. My husband and I talk to our grandchildren about it just as their parents do. It’s important to de-mystify sex and make sure they all (boys and girls) carry condoms and know how to use them. Remember, it doesn’t even have to be a ‘date’. Just friends can become friends with benefits at any time.

  5. I am shocked at the very idea! How inappropriate and most disrespectful of the young girl. It stinks of paedophilia. Young girls are most vulnerable and sensitive and have a natural modesty about their bodies. They need safe well informed women -only space to talk about and learn about their awakening sexuality and how to navigate the different issues involved. It is not simply biological it is about relationships firstly with themselves and their bodies and then with others. Ideally mothers are the best to be able do this however it doesn’t seem the reality in most cases . There are some programs where mothers and daughters meet together with trained women.

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