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We’ve all been there: sitting in the shopping centre carpark for what seems like hours, keeping our eyes peeled for every and any small spot, wondering whether we could squeeze in there. Well, there’s now a car that gives you that option, all with minimum fuss and a bit of sideways driving.

Sideways…what? Yep, the car being dubbed the ‘crab car’ has swivelling wheels that allow you to fit into those tight spaces with ease.

It looks like something straight out of a science fiction novel, and acts like one too. Not only can the EO Smart Connecting Car 2 drive sideways, it can reduce its own size by 80cm.

CNN reports that a team of German engineers came up with the amazing new car and have been refining their smart micro car project for the last three years.

The team, based in Bremen, Germany at the DFKI Robotics Innovation Center, have created a completely flexible vehicle that drives just like a regular car but because each wheel is powered by its own motor, it can also drive sideways, allowing it to slide into tight spaces in cities and suburban areas where parking is limited.

Timo Birnschein, project manager for the vehicle, said “The whole process – the transition between normal driving and driving sideways – takes about four seconds”. It’s pretty amazing, don’t you think?

At the moment, the EO Smart Car can reach speeds of 65kmh and is able to drive between 50 and 70km on a single four-hour charge of its battery.

Mr Birnschein said, “It is able to reduce its own size by about 80cm, which makes it almost as small as a bike in length. And with this kind of feature you can go into very tiny parking spaces,” he says. “You are still able to turn on the spot, you are still able to drive sideways and you are still able to connect to charging stations, for example”.

The car has been envisioned as part of an urban car-sharing scheme, which are popular overseas. When you need a car, you simply go to a docking station, pick up the car and go.

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Take a look at the pics and tell us, would you drive a little car like this? Would it suit your needs? 

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  1. Just another example of annoying statements from a city dweller. You all seem to think that what happens to you happe s to everyone. No, I have lived in the cou try all my life and have never had to wait for a car park in the shopping centre. That car would get blown away driving across the bridge in town.

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    • You seem to think your opinion is the only valid one. Not everyone lives in the country where parking is no problem. For instance I have no problem parking at home or the local shopping centre, but going into town for concerts or other events I am so happy I use my microcar. Incidentally, my petrol driven microcar used by me alone in a one person household uses a mere 4.5l/100km, so I’m not doing too badly out of it. What on earth would I need an SUV for? There is a market for microcars, e.g. home nurses in – yes in crowded cities.

  2. Nothing new about this…. As a technician I have worked on forklifts 30 years ago that used this principal (& Yes they were German Jungheinrich)

  3. Wouldn’t be happy on the road in such a small vehicle. A 4wd could flatten you without even noticing 🙂

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