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After 4 years as host of Four Corners, Kerry O’Brien has announced he is stepping down.

He’s a familiar face on our screens, not only because of this show, but because he was the host of Lateline and The 7.30 Report since the 90s.

The Age reports the 70-year-old news and current affairs veteran is leaving the show at the end of this year’s season.

“I’m going to leave Four Corners at the end of the year,” O’Brien told Fairfax during an interview to promote his first book, Keating.
“But I am really pleased and gratified that they are going to continue with an anchor into the indefinite future – as they should.”

Kerry was brought in to anchor the show in 2011 after a year without an anchor. He insisted on the role because it “told the audience why they were investing the next 45 minutes in this story”.

“I think a lot of people at Four Corners had forgotten, or didn’t ever know, that for most of its history the show had had an anchor”.

O’Brien shared his thoughts on politics in Australia, saying the last few years have been “not much short of appalling”.

“We’re having a little burst of sunlight nationally …it’s a very interesting moment with Malcolm Turnbull as he chances his arm. The nation is reacting. There’s a surge of relief because things were so bad”.

“I think right now Turnbull may be finding every day a challenge, but he’ll look back on this period in 18 months or two years as the easy bit. And yet it’s not. He’s got to settle his own party down, to mend while showing the rest of us what he’s about”.

The “dreadful” state of the Government is one of the reasons O’Brien wrote a book about Paul Keating and his many interviews with the former prime minister. He said Keating “had become such a popular iconic figure 20 years after he left politics. There is nostalgia for a time when governments governed and leaders led”.

With only a few weeks left before Four Corners wraps up, will you be watching more? What’s been one of your favourite stories? 

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  1. Yes….he’s a calm celeb…..good show tho the content always well researched love investigative journalism…..gets results usually

  2. I totally agree with Kerry, it is very early days yet for Turnbull, everyone is relieved to have the dark cloud of Abbott gone, that is why Turnbull is rating very well in the Polls but he is yet to make any policy or decisions of his own, he seems to be wanting to walk a line of popularity, we can only wait and see how long that lasts.

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    • Good on ya Rosiland, knew you’d stick up for the leftards – Aunty has done it to its self. He forgot to say “in his opinion” the government was bad. Because it seems most voters don’t agree.

    • well time tell Noel Hawes, you don’t have a crystal ball and either do I and as for the word leftard , that is such a childish thing for a grown man to be saying

    • Well said Rosalind. The ABC are balanced.factual. And report the things as they are. All the people who call them leftists. Think Alan Jones Ray Hadley. And Andrew Boult are shining paragons of truth and justice enough said

  3. I imagine it’s very difficult being an unbiased journalist under the current regime.

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    • The ABC has been shown time and again to lean slightly right. If biased at all, then it’s slightly to the right.

    • Sarah Henderson, Before she went into politics, her media work included host of the Victorian edition of the 7.30 Report, newsreader for Channel Ten Melbourne and reporter for the acclaimed ABC-TV program, The Investigators. Then in 2010, she contested the federal election as the endorsed Liberal candidate for Corangamite, and lost. She has won preselection for the next election.
      Dai Le, stood as the Liberal candiate for the seat of Cabramatta at the October 2008 byelection and again in the March 2011 NSW state poll. Dai was a journalist with the ABC from 1994 until 2008.
      Gary Hardgrave, a former minister in the Howard government, is a former journalist with the Brisbane bureau of the ABC’s 7.30 Report.
      Peter Collins, leader of the Liberal Party in NSW for several years, was also a former ABC TV journalist.
      Pru Goward, a Canberra-based high-profile ABC journalist, who reported on federal politics for several years. She is currently the Liberal representative for the state seat of Goulburn, NSW.
      Rob Messenger was an ABC radio broadcaster in Bundaberg. He then went on to become the National Party member for Burnett in the Queensland Parliament. Earlier this year he bowed out of politics in order to run for mayor in his local electorate.
      Grant Woodhams, National Party member for Greenough in WA, worked with ABC radio in Tasmania, South Australia, NSW and Victoria.
      Eoin Cameron, the former Liberal member for the federal seat of Stirling, presents the breakfast program on ABC local radio in Perth.
      Cameron Thompson worked for the ABC in Longreach and Darwin before winning the federal seat of Blair for the Liberal Party.
      Scott Emerson, a former ABC journalist, won the Queensland state Parliament seat of Indooroopilly for the Liberal National Party.
      Ian Cover, a member of the ABC’s Coodabeen Champions, served as a Liberal member of the Victorian Parliament between 1996 and 2002.
      Peter McArthur, a former current affairs reporter and TV newsreader for the ABC, served several years in the Victorian state Parliament as a Liberal member.
      Bruce Webster was a sports broadcaster for the ABC and later the Liberal member for Pittwater in the NSW Parliament.
      Peter Kennedy, worked for ABC news then was later the unsuccessful liberal candiate for the seat of Bendigo.

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      • Obviously compiled by a Labour media adviser for use by the labour inspired workers. Hope you get paid well. It shows.!

    • now tell us again they lean to the left 🙂 The Liberal Party cannot handle the truth, and the ABC reports the truth

    • Rob Mcgrath The ABC is famous for being the propaganda arm of the Labor Party! About 85% of staff, IIRC, admitted they vote for left wing parties. Where the hell is this leaning to the right? They can’t manage fair and impartial (which their charter says is required) so there’s NO chance of a lean to the right!

    • Read the independent studies. The trouble with getting most of your news from the Murdoch stable (which is so far right that ‘he who must not be named in Internet debates’ would look left) is that you don’t know independent reporting when you hear it.

    • The Labor party has moved dramatically to the right over the last couple of decades. If you are saying the ABC supports Labor, you aren’t saying the ABC is left wing, you are saying it is centre right.

    • Ken McLennan leanna just gave you a long list of Staff at the ABC who were are not only in the Liberal Party, but who served as Liberal Party members who served in Government your post just sounds silly and uniformed

    • David James, who’s Leanna and what list? There’s no post here from her. If such as list does exist then it’s out of date as the poll taken last year gave the result I cited.

    • Rob Mcgrath, your profile tells us all we need to know about your affiliations and politics. Your defense of the ABC bears no credibility.

    • You looked at my profile Ken? A: that’s a bit creepy, and B: What did you find that marks my political affiliations? I’m curious, as I have no political affiliations.

    • And Ken, Yes Leanna posted a long list of ex ABC staffers who are Liberal party members and representatives.

    • Why is it creepy? Because you wanted to hide your support for the CFMEU and GetUp? Worried it might show your bias?

    • Leanna’s post isn’t showing to me in this thread. Might be in the main conversation, but if so then it wasn’t posted to me as was claimed.

    • I think it’s creepy because you don’t know me. Who else’s profiles are you creeping around?

      Why would I want to hide my support for the CFMEU’s excellent stand up, speak out, come home campaign? The fact that you think a campaign to prevent workplace injury and death is a lefty conspiracy says more about you than it does about me.

      What is wrong with Get Up? It’s an organisation for social justice, economic fairness and environmental sustainability. I’ve gathered by now that you are opposed to all those things, but if you got out of your right wing cocoon you might find that there are a lot of very ordinary (and some extraordinary) people out there who want the future to be better, not worse. I’m one of them.

      Sorry Ken, you read like a very unhappy person.

    • exactly Bea , I don’t take kindly to people who abuse me, they only get one shot, and like you , I don’t even know these people

  4. I will miss Kerry I watch the show every week, and I agree with him on Turnbull. Turnbull is enjoying a Honeymoon period but he still has Abbott Policies and will have to face the broken promises and lies that were told at the last election by his party. People no matter who they vote for are going to find it hard to trust again. But he is a small light in the dark years of Abbot.

  5. This Liberal gov is destroying the fabric of Aunty, I don’t blame Kerry for leaving. 4 corners won’t be the same. He will be greatly missed.

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