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In order to bring you the very best news and entertainment stories from around the world, here at Starts at 60 we spend a lot of time immersed in the world of pop culture. And, you know what? Most of it is pretty pathetic.

Two stories caught our eye this week (one because you almost could not avoid it) that have us thinking about the difference between celebrities then and now.

The news of the week is that Kendall Jenner, who is one of those Kardashian people, has celebrated the milestone of reaching 40 million followers on Instagram. To thank her fans, she posted a picture of herself with her nipple hanging out of her singlet top.

By contrast, the original pin-up girl, Raquel Welch, who has just given a far-reaching interview with Piers Morgan in the UK, has explained why she never posed nude, even though Hugh Heffner begged her to, not once but 57 times.

The reason was because she was “terrified” of upsetting her father.

“I am my father’s daughter and that’s just not the way you behave. You don’t do that if you are a certain kind of a woman and that’s the kind of woman I was raised to be,” said the 75-year-old.

“He was a tough customer. He was complicated. He was very intense. He was a strict father. He used to say ‘You are not leaving the house dressed like that, what is happening with your hair?’ I was terrified of him.

“There were times when I disliked him quite a lot but I wanted to please him. He was the one that was so hard to please and the one I wanted to please,” she said in the interview.

From the moment she appeared from behind a boulder in One Million Years BC, Ms Welch became a fantasy for every man.

But these days, she’s a realist.

She no longer thinks she is “sexy”, and instead considers herself “a faded sex symbol”, reports the Daily Mail.

That said, Men’s Health still listed her as the second Sexiest Women of All Time.

Did you envy or adore Raquel Welch? Do you think starlets of the 60s had more style than today’s celebrities? 

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  1. She was not the original pin up, that was a starlet during WW2. Lana Turner or Rosalind Russell. Also Marilyn Monroe came before Rachel.

  2. looks good at 75 years old..amazing what plastic surgery can do for one with money and probably good bone structure 🙂

    3 REPLY
    • how is it mean if it is true..and I could have been less kind in MY OPINION if I had wanted to..

    • nowhere in my comment did I allude to remotely liking anything Kardashian/Jenner..or any so called starlet today or yesteryear, and I began my comment with ‘looks good for 75 years old’..and let us not forget..back in the good old days..there was censorship unlike today – viva free speech!

  3. She is still stunning, I think the stars of yesterday had more style, today there is nothing left to the imagination

  4. Very definitely and they had talent and class, which is definitely missing from the bimbos and leeches who make a living by trying to be sensational, falling short by a long long way.

  5. I think the hollywood stars of yesteryear had more class. It is not in my opinion sexy to appear half naked in public.

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