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Comedienne Dawn French has had a cancer scare, lost her husband of 26 years and gained a new lease on life, but the best part of her interview on 60 Minutes this Sunday is apparently when she challenges Liz Hayes on breast size.

The current affairs program has released this clip of the Vicar of Dibley’s interview with Liz Hayes, who slips up by saying, “You apparently have fabulous breasts”.

French interjects, “I still, had … did you say?”

And Hayes corrects her, saying, “have”.

“Yeah, I have, well you can see I have,” said Dawn. “Use your eyes, I may be shorter than you but I am more, what we like to call ‘stacked’ than you”.

Dawn French will soon come to Australia with her one-woman show, which has sold-out across the UK. The writer and funnywoman is notoriously private, so 60 Minutes is calling the interview, which airs this Sunday, a scoop.

Judging by the interview clip (below), French is just as funny as ever, despite being half the woman she was. She lost a staggering 50 kilograms three years ago not, as reports claimed, in response to splitting up with her husband of 27 years, Lenny Henry but because due to a cancer scare.

She required a hysterectomy and needed to lose the weight to have keyhole surgery rather than a more invasive operation, according to the Daily Mail.

Dawn French appears on 60 Minutes this Sunday night.

Do you love Dawn French? Will you be tuning into see the full interview? 

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  1. It depends if Sixty Minutes is following some show that goes well over time and I turn over to watch – and Sixty Minutes is not there – I will not be watching. I do like Dawn French very much but I hate having to wait while programmed events are put back because some piss-ant show I detest is allowed to waffle it’s stupid way into my vision. That applies to all channels of course.

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  2. I hope to watch her on sixty minutes I really do enjoy her comedy

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    • I remember watching her in Amnesty International fund raisers way back. I’ve liked her since then. I don’t watch the Vicar regularly but her own show would be entirely different.

  3. I love Dawn French but I don’t watch 60 minutes, it used to be good when we were younger but it has becoming trashy with age. I will wait till the ABC interviews her

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  4. Dawn French is an icon of great British humour. So what if she protects her privacy – I would too if as well known as she is.
    Her professional life , either working alone or with Jennifer Saunders, has provided years of belly laughing enjoyment to us all.
    Do hope your health is now back on track Dawn – personally we don’t care what size you & your boobs are – as long as you have your health – both mentally & physically – + your private life is happy & fulfilled. May you please give us all many more years of your talent, laughter & insight .

  5. I sometimes watch 60 mins depending of what stories are on. Dawn French gave overweight another side of the human story – she is well liked no matter where she goes and what she does…..saw her in Canberra a few yrs ago glad she is coming back.

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