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Most dog owners will tell you their pets understand them and can speak to them in their own special way, but Patches, an Australian sheepdog living in the US, is determined to make himself understood.

So he’s learning English.

As mum Andrea Diaz-Giovanini sits on the couch eating her dinner and trying to coax that elusive “mama” from her son Samuel’s mouth, Patches interprets the situation in the way only a dog can.

If Patches could speak, he would say, “Dude, if you say ‘mama’, she’ll give you what’s on that fork.”

The clever canine is only happy to comply, saying “mama” over and over in dog-speak. And when that doesn’t work, Patches tries “mama” in human-speak.

You’ve got to hear it to believe it: see him in action in the video below, which has gone viral and been viewed nearly 2 million times.



How does your pet communicate with you? And what would they say if they mastered human-speak?

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  1. of course they can talk,not like a human obviously but they certainly let you know what they want,as soon as i have my shower,maysi gets her lead and places it at the bathroom door always in the hope we are going somewhere in the car,as soon as i say “do you want to visit nanny”,she knows we are going to mums aged care centre,she loves it and the residents adore her,i maintain she smiles!

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  3. Loved my pups, don’t know if we will have another – still heartbroken over losing the last one a month ago. She was nearly 18 years old.

  4. Hmmm! Australian sheepdog, I’ve heard of Kelpies but that dog is not a Kelpie, looks like a cross bred Border Collie to me.

  5. Had a kelpie back on the farm. He couldn’t talk but he could sing. A bloke that worked for me played a little harmonica on the verandah after work most evenings and as he played the dog would howl along with him. Smart dog could even change tune and pitch.

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