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He’s been in some of Hollywood’s biggest films but this is one real life role he has never had before – at the ripe age of 62. And the new bub was born on a very special day as well!

Jeff Goldblum is best known for starring in the Jurassic Park movies, and now is the proud father to Charlie Ocean Goldblum, born on the 4th of July.

Not only is the 4th of July a special day for Americans, it also is very coincidental considering Jeff starred in the first Independence Day flick, and is currently filming the sequel.

Over the years, Jeff has been the victim of a number of hoaxes that have incorrectly reported his death. Every time he has personally confirmed that he is alive and well.

He joins the ranks of other over 50 first time daddies, including Steve Martin, Woody Allen, David Letterman, Michael Douglas and Hugh Grant.

Jeff announced the birth of his son on Facebook. It was the first child for both he and wife Emilie.

We’re so excited to share the wonderful news of the birth of our son, Charlie Ocean Goldblum, born on the 4th of July. Independence Day.

Posted by Jeff Goldblum on Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Congratulations, Jeff!


Tell us, did you become a parent later in life? What are the pros and cons? 

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  1. Good on him..but it would not be something I would ever consider, but he has the money to hire nanny’s to do the hard work

    6 REPLY
  2. Why on earth anyone would want to become a parent at the age of 62 is beyond me!

    3 REPLY
    • God I could think of nothing worse. But then that is because I have had my family & they are all independent now, however if they have always wanted a child & finally have the pleasure then good luck to them. I suppose once they pass their family will be well provided for.

  3. I think they should think of the child. He is 62. Too old to be a parent and how much time is he going to spend with him

    1 REPLY
    • it seems easier for guys at 62 as they have more time for their young ones, they have done every thing else on their bucket list after all. Some young DADs dont last a couple months or die when their children are young so whats the risk. Some young DADs just dont care that they have a responsibility to the off spring. Which is right, well the DADS that love and care for children and their Mums of course.

  4. What hell has his wifes age got to do with this? They have shared the joy of bring a child into the world. Good luck to them.

    5 REPLY
  5. How old are you Tim. I was making the point that she looks much younger than him and if it is her first she would probably want to bring the baby up instead of having a nanny.

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