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This 1970s crooner and his 33-year-old girlfriend, Alexis Roderick, have announced that they are expecting a baby girl. The couple, who have been together for five years, will be welcoming their first child together this winter.

The singer in question, Billy Joel, is already a father to 29-year-old, Alexa Ray Joel, the only child of his previous marriage to American model and actress, Christie Brinkley.

The couple released a statement earlier, announcing that they have “opted to keep any further details of her pregnancy under wraps until their new addition makes an official debut”.  Alexis is a former financial advisor for an investment bank, and the two reportedly met at a restaurant in New York.

Billy Joel rose to fame after the release of his song, Piano Man’ in 1973.


What do you think of Billy Joel’s baby news in light of the backlash this 65 year old German woman faced after her own pregnancy announcement? Do you think men and women are held to different standards? Would you consider having children after 60? 

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  1. To me there’s no comparison. This baby will still have a mum ……regardless of dads age. My understanding is the mums body bears all the stress and pressure. Dads part is comparatively pain free with little stress involved. But it’s what people have chosen so all the best to them.

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    • Young Mum’s die from car accidents, cancer, child birth and more. Age is no guarantee of how long one will be a parent or what quality of care and love and nurturing a child receives.

    • If Mum doesnt develop some unfortunate illness or have an unfortunate accident then of course the child would be an orphan

  2. Of course 65 is getting beyond parenthood but the claim in this case is that the mother is only 33 years old so tge baby will have one parent…but accidents do happen …what if the mum was to die at a young age for whatever reason that means that the ever aging other parent is left with the sole responsibility of a young child….the same thing that is going to be happening to the 65year old mother of quads …not very smart if you ask me.

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    • I remember well years ago when everyone praised Aussie PM Billy McMahon for fathering a child, but less praise was on his wife Sonya, who at 40 carried the child…lol. The child turned out to be actor Julian McMahon, many years later.

    • Joan Savell, I don’t get your argument. Anyone, at whatever age, who has a child can meet with a fatal accident at any time, yet most people still have children…

  3. You don’t need a functioning uterus to be a great parent, gender is irrelevant and so is age. Way too much judgement and outdated ideas guys.

  4. The mother is 33 not 65. The mother is having 1 child, not 4. The fathers age is irrelevant in this case because if something happened to him the mother will still have many years of parenting. I am presuming this is a natural event, not done in a laboratory??? There is a reason women go through menopause.

  5. Becoming a parent at that age is selfish but as previously said noone’s business but theirs.

  6. There are lots of famous men out there who are over sixty five and are having children the difference is their wives/girlfriends are usually half their age.

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