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It seems ludicrous to the less fashionable among us, but are we missing something? This bizarre runway show by ‘cult’ designer Rick Owens really has to be seen to be believed.

We’re struggling to see how anyone could think this is couture and fashion at all, but according to The Guardian, the human backpack catwalk stunt has been praised by the highest in fashion.

Owens’ models stole the show, but we’re not sure if it was in a good way. He sent models down the runway wearing oddly constructed pieces and, oh yeah, other models. The bone thin models looked ready to topple as they carried an adult upside down on their backs or fronts.

Critics in the room, felt it was “moving,” “disquieting” and “impressive” and that it was “a tribute to female strength” that “suggested the physical labours of pregnancy”.

Owens himself explained,

“In the Spring men’s collection which shares the same name (Cyclops), that focussed vision was propulsive and aggressive. When applied to women’s, I see that focussed vision being more about nourishment, sisterhood/motherhood and regeneration”, reports The Independent.

Most of us non-fashion folk have been confused but critics are labelling it as brave, and refreshing. Earlier this year the designer let men walk down the catwalk with their penises on display.

So we want to know today: is modern fashion conceptual or is this just rubbish? Can you see it as art or is a complete abomination? Take a look at the pics… 


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  1. Mind blowing stupidity. Not fashion!! Obviously the “designer” hasn’t got a talented bone in his body and needs to resort to this type of ridiculous behaviour to “get noticed”. He succeeded but for all the wrong reasons.

  2. Over the years we have seen fashion RECYCLED and the designers taking credit for someone else’s work, however this would be without a doubt the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen and one that shouldn’t be RECYCLED hopefully.

  3. Saw it on TV and thought how bloody stupid! It’s just another attempt to attract attention, and guess what, they got it, but it wasn’t for the ‘fashion’! I bet no one really noticed the clothes.

  4. Just silly and gets the wrong sort of attention. I just hope that none of the upside down models had baked beans for breakfast

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