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Turn on the TV and it almost feels as if reality shows have taken over – there isn’t a way to avoid them unless you want to sit in silence at 7pm! One show that has become incredibly popular over the years is The Block. The Block wins the ratings in every demographic, every night of the week, all for its simple premise: couples battle it out to renovate the best unit or house, as decided by judges. It’s not a genius sort of concept, but boy is it working! The only problem is, there’s a distinct lack of wise talent in the selected couples. Read: they’re all in their 20s or 30s.

Despite Channel 7 insisting that they are happy to audition couples from ages 18-65 (applications for late 2015 are still open now), yet our demographic is nowhere to be seen in the latest series, Triple Threat. The closest we get is Tim, from Adelaide, who is 40. With any luck, the next series will have a couple with a 50 year old, at the very least, but that seems to be wishful thinking.

When the kids were young, we were constantly fixing up our house. It was an old weatherboard shack when we bought it, with only two bedrooms. We spent about 15 years converting the long driveway into a rumpus room extension, adding another bathroom, large deck, plus a granny flat out the back. We absolutely loved renovating and now we can enjoy the years of labour and love we put into it. My dad always told me he hated building and would happily live in his shoebox house without ever thinking to capitalise on the property he had. Eventually, it was sold and the new owners absolutely transformed it. They, along with us, were the first renovators.

We were the first renovating generation. We loved a fixer-upper, and we created the term ‘renovator’s dream’. We would spend weekends away at the hardware store picking out tiles and paint chips. We loved looking off our half-made deck and seeing more potential in our yard. We added pools to big blocks of land, and we put another storey on top of a house because we knew there was a view. We coined the term ‘reno’ and said it for 20 years when we needed an excuse not to go to a family event.

Every now and then I’ll see a house that has been untouched for years and years, including this one which is currently on the market in Sydney. It has remained in its original condition for 100 years! I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t have had the patience to let the ceiling fall out of my house. Creating something new from something old was what I believe we passed down, and what created the generation we see now who transform homes constantly and sell them for hundreds of thousands more than they bought them for. Essentially, our generation created The Block! So why can’t we feature on it and show them how it’s done? We wouldn’t need all of those labourers either, we’d be happy to get stuck into the work without the drama.


What do you think? Do you think over 60s show appear on The Block or should we leave it to the younger generations? Tell us below.

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  1. They only want the young and dazzling on those shows so they miss out on the brains beauty and talent of the Boomers and besides, we don’t want to show them up 🙂

  2. Because every business has a demographic they cater to so they can increase sales. T V is a very visual medium obviously, and it is their perception that most of their viewers in that time bracket, do not want to see the old and wrinkled. Have you noticed that nearly all the couples look really good, and the ones that are not ultra good in the looks department, have personalities that are compelling. I’m sure they are coached to portray different roles, eg ‘the Bitch’, Whiner etc. otherwise it could become dead boring. I think it would mix it up a bit if they included at least one couple who was more senior, but then the stress level which comes with participating on the show, may affect their health adversely, and they might not be able to complete the show.

  3. I’ve been watching the show for ages now & love it, but as an older person I would hate to go through the physical exhaustion & lack of sleep ect that’s required for the show, perhaps there’s not many over 60s apply to be part of it.

  4. It’s made for television. If it were just a Reno without the drama I doubt they wouldn’t get their audience. Don’t bother to watch it. MKR is the same. Always a drama!!!!!

  5. Agree with Lyn Bradford – not too many over 50’s who want to go through the stress and exhaustion.

  6. Haven’t watched the show for the last 2 seasons, but if they had enough couples over 50 or 60 and they ignored them then maybe we would have something to say. Would be interesting to find out the statistics from Channel 9 if we could. I personally wouldnt have the energy to do it, not that I’m old only 62. It’s all about beauty and muscles.

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