Wax off? David Hasselhoff and Shane Warne show off their youthful faces 137



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They’re an unlikely pair but it seems Shane Warne and David Hasselhoff have a bit in common, and it’s not their forays in the entertainment industry.

The 2015 Rugby World Cup has been a star-studded affair with Prince Harry and Prince William rubbing shoulders will public spectators and other famous faces. Shane Warne and David Hasselhoff both attended a game on Saturday and took a selfie to celebrate.

Now the image of the two men has gone viral with some positive comments, and others not so positive.

They watched as Wales defeated England 28 to 25 and Shane Warne said on Instagram under the image that they were both supporting Wales.


Commenters have questioned whether David or Shane (or both) had work done, as their faces were positively glowing. Some have said they look plastic and wax-like.

Shane Warne and The Hoff have both previously denied plastic surgery, and we think good on both of these guys. They look great and you got to give it to them, at least they were smiling and don’t look frozen as many other celebrities do.

The scrutiny seems ridiculous considering the talents and achievements of the two guys, putting aside personal issues they may have had in the past.

Have a look at the pic and tell us, should men feel bad about having a little work done? Do they really look plastic?


With this legend @davidhasselhoff at Twickenham. Yep we’re both supporting Wales hahaha #rugbyworldcup2015

A photo posted by Shane Warne (@shanewarne23) on

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  1. Sorry don’t like it at all, many women who have had surgery and boxtox look false and fake and I think it looks even worse on a man, I far prefer that rugged look men get as they age. I think that is when they start to look interesting

  2. Shane is not too bad, but David’s face looks like mine, a road map of Ireland! But, seriously, why do people take these photos. I see a camera, I turn my back!

  3. What are these people on ?? How old do they think Shane warne is ?? Why would he need a face lift ? Only jerks here are the idiots .

    2 REPLY
  4. If they have both had work done then I think that the Hoff should get the name of Warneys surgeon. Warney looks much better than the Hoff. I suspect they have both had work done.

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