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Can you believe this guy? 50 years since doing the penguin dance in Mary Poppins, he’s still going. This fabulous clip, featuring the rag-time sounds of the Dustbowl Revival, shows Dick Van Dyke is still every bit the larrikin and full of beans.

As he pesters his wife, Arlene (you is 46 years his junior), DVD is like a restless 20-year-old trying to get his girlfriend to come play. He tries a range of tricks and comic acts, even getting out a Poppins-esque boater and nailing a few tap moves.

Watching him dance and the easy way he moves around you’d never believe the American actor will soon turn 90!

But surely the best thing about Dick Van Dyke, the one feature that has won hearts for five decades, is that hack-jaw smile.

You’ll be wearing one too as you watch this video, as you wonder: will he get the girl?


Can you believe Dick Van Dyke is almost 90 already?


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  1. Great actor. Have loved all his movies. Loved the detective series he did a few years ago with his son.

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    • I still watch them & have always thought what an amazing experience for his son & family as many episodes had most of his kids/grandkids as well. I think this is what has kept him young and cannot believe he is 90 & still dancing which is obviously keeping hom fit. Loved his early movies as well.

  2. WOW, thanks, that was a wonderful way to start my day. He looks very much like my hubby who’s only 70 – hope he’s going that strong at 90! Way to go Dick!

  3. He’s pretty good keep moving man what ever keeps u going I always loved your TV shows I still watch them

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