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When you arrive at an engagement with 45 war veterans dressed in their best suits you better have your “bloody tie” even if you are a Prince.

Prince Harry confessed that he was slightly underdressed when he arrived at an event for the D-Day Revisited charity on the eve of their landing on that fateful day in 1944. He even told the event organiser that he should have worn a tie but that it was too late.

It was still something that 91-year-old Ivor Anderson, who parachuted into Normandy as part of the 591 Para Squadron Royal Engineers, noticed and was quick to joke “Where’s your bloody tie?” to Prince Harry.

All meant in jest; Ivor told The Daily Mail “I told him he should wear a bloody tie. I said I had a spare one; he said he couldn’t wear mine because he didn’t have his wings”. Prince Harry is referring to him being a former Army Captain and not part of the Para Squadron and showing respect to those who did.

Prince Harry spent 45 minutes talking and taking pictures with the veterans as he acknowledges what they had done for the war effort. Harry stated to the group “I have so much respect for you guys – running off a boat on to those beaches”.

Never to be “out cheeked” Prince Harry wished the group the very best on their trip to France with the parting words “Don’t get into trouble and if you do, don’t get caught”.

Do you think it was disrespectful for Prince Harry not to have a tie? Do you think Harry brings a much-needed modernisation to the Royals?

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  1. silly old tired anachronism. good on Harry for not bothering about this silly and quite sexist tradition . Why should men be obliged to choke themselves with a very expensive piece of waste fabric

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