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We couldn’t be more excited about the return of A Place to Call Home. The hugely popular 1950s-era show, sadly pulled from the airwaves last year, is about to make its triumphant comeback on Foxtel’s SoHo channel. And you can be there as it happens!

This Tuesday (September 15), 6:30 at the Brisbane Myer Centre, 40 lucky Starts at 60 readers will get see a very special screening, accompanied by a cast Q&A.


Due to the show’s cancellation last year, we got a recut (and rather abrupt) ending. Now, for the first time, we’ll get to see the real ending of season two – followed by the premiere of the brand new third season.

Stars Noni Hazlehurst and Abby Earl will be there for a Q&A session.

Noni holds a particularly special place in our hearts – from her multi-award-winning dramatic performances to being the friendly face of Better Homes and Gardens, she has never failed to charm and compel. We can’t wait to meet her!

For readers elsewhere in Australia, you won’t have to wait long: the season three premiere will air on SoHo on Sunday September 27, 8.30pm. 

Fill out the form below to join us on this special night, and tell us in 25 words or less: what place have you been happiest to call home?

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  1. Damm shame it’s on foxtel only!

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    • I agree…….. free-to-air viewers gave it its popularity, then FOXTEL takes over. Just like the free-to-air commercial channels who take programs from ABC once they’ve made them popular

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      • Rhonda—if Foxtel had not—taken over—this wonderful program, that so many people enjoy, IT WOULD NOT BE AVAILABLE TO –ANYONE ELSE. whether on Foxtel or DVD.
        Foxtel only –took it over—after channel 7 cancelled it—and —the fans DEMANDED IT.
        Just think about how many people are back in work because Foxtel brought it back–not only the cast—but writers/cameramen/costumes/make-up/and so on.
        And yes, it will be released on DVD
        I, too, am ONE of THOUSANDS who protested –and got A Place To Call Home–back, and the recent garden party —in the grounds of the beautiful house that is used—in the series, was given by Foxtel—to THANK the fans who campaigned to SAVE—A Place To Call Home

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        • I was at the garden party too. Travelled up from Gippsland in Victoria. Great show great place

    • That it is, it was an enjoyable program

  2. Does anyone know I’d it will be eventually released on DVD

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    • I would say so as i have season 1 and 2 on dvd which i have watched more than once….such a great show…..

    • Thanks Carol I also have season 1 and 2. Really loved it and have also watched it more than once. I don’t have foxtel so was hoping it would be on DVD eventually.

    • I got season 1 and 2 from Target. Not sure if they will stick season 3 in target. But they should be able to tell you. Otherwise I am going to try Sanity.

  3. Devoted Fan here. Just back from a Foxtel Picnic at Camelot where program was made.Was a Thank you to us devoted fans that saved this Wonderful Australian Production. Mingled amongst the Stars. Awesome. Thank you Foxtel for saving this show. Happy Customer.

  4. Loved the show, never missed an episode. We have been waiting for the new season to return, BUT very sad to hear it will only be aired on foxtel. Not everyone can afford foxtel.
    Damn you channel 7

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