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Nothing is worse than being a boring cook and serving up the same menu week in week out. Well, forget “boring” and start thinking “inspiration”: a new TV channel is about to revolutionise the way we cook – if we’re game to throw out our old recipe book and experiment, that is!

SBS will launch their fourth TV channel next month, which will blend original SBS content from programs around the world, picked to appeal Australian tastes.

Chief Content Officer Helen Kellie said in Australia we love our food but there is a real gap in the market.

“People are looking for inspiration and help for what they are cooking at home,” she said.

The idea behind the channel is also to tap in to key demographics like women, who have traditionally loved cooking shows.

Regardless of the reason, just imagine what it will be like. The recipe for the perfect chocolate fudge like your mother used to make. Brainy ideas for healthy meals that actually taste good. Quick, easy-to-make meals that will have you in and out of the kitchen in a flash. Clever ways to give old favourite recipes a new twist. Yum!

Successful locally produced SBS programs will feature but the network has also obtained access to international cooking programs through a new licensing agreement. Generating more of its own content is also on the cards.

But forget reality TV Shows like Channel 7’s My Kitchen Rules. SBS has already ruled them out and plans to make its content as different as possible to other Australian channels.

The name of the new food channel will be kept under wraps until until closer to its launch date in November, which is also yet to be revealed.

What do you think of the idea? Will you watch the new channel and use some of the recipes to spice up your own meals at home? 

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  1. Hope they take all the cooking shows on other channels and put then on this one. Some days, in the afternoon, changing channels is a hazardous trip because there are cooking ‘leasons’; on over half the stations. Sometines hose advertising channels have cooking on too! So glad that ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ has gone the way of the Dodo.

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    • I liked Ready Steady. Learnt heaps of little things. News and cooking shows and English detective repeats. Sometimes they are the best offering even though I saw them on first run 20 years ago.

  2. I like cooking shows like the Cook and the Chef, Floyd, The Good Cook, Nigella and some of the national foods type shows. but I have no time for the competitive cooking contest type shows like Masterchef.

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