At 83, the legendary Julie Newmar sizzles in new photoshoot 2



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While she is best known for playing the sexy Catwoman across from Adam West’s Batman in the 1960s television series, Julie Newmar has been a staple of film and television for almost all her life.

At 83-years old, Julie is still working.  She’s returning to her iconic role as Catwoman in a new animated Batman film that also stars Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin.  Showing that it’s not only her voice that can still be Catwoman, Julie shows in a new photoshoot that she shared on her Instagram account that she could also still don the cat-suit.

new photo by sean black – @seanblackphoto

A photo posted by Julie Newmar (@julienewmarofficial) on


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A photo posted by Julie Newmar (@julienewmarofficial) on

new photo by sean black – @seanblackphoto #catwoman

A photo posted by Julie Newmar (@julienewmarofficial) on

She’s still close to purrrrrrr-fect.

How great does Julie look in these photos?  What was your favourite Julie Newmar role?



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  1. never heard of her. and yes anyone would look good with injections of botox and the money to pay for face lifts. I an sick to death of people saying celebrities look so good. For goodness sake its all false!!!!!

  2. Hello Marilyn, in my opinion the photos have been doctored, I can’t believe that at 83, her legs can look so flawless and it would take an awful lot of ‘botoxing’ to get them to be without wrinkles. Anyway, you just have to look at the first photograph where her arms are outstretched, you can see the age lines on her face, but I would give her ten or so years younger and there’s no sign of botoxing on her face there or does it look as if she’d had a face-lift.

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