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Wow, Tony has been busy this week! Announcing Australian of the Year recipients, knighting Prince Philip, and now he’s gone back in time to deliver a speech in the 1994 film, Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Of course we’re joking – the following video of the PM’s speech is actually just the handiwork of a creative YouTuber, but nevertheless it is a lighthearted clip.

Watch as Tony is superimposed during the movie’s best man speech, instead revealing our latest knight….Tell us, is this funny or in bad taste? 

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  1. Whats funny about this – its just BAD taste and no I haven’t and will not watch it. Aust sure as hell it going down a grubby path if this passes for humour!! MY opinion and don’t give a dam if anyone else disagrees.

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    • I agree Rosemary, poor Tony is taking all the flak about the knighthood. He was backed and cajoled by the Governor General Cosgrove and Defence Chief Houston to go ahead and bestow the knighthood on whatishisname Phillip!

    • philip is a vile racist buffoon…what an insult to worthy aussies ..he would have been had up for slander & defamation years ago if he was not “royal” ..

    • Strange how Abbott is being persecuted for this when a great list of countries have also awarded Prince Phillip with awards – NZ TWICE – don’t hear anything about that!!

  2. Mostly showed how pathetic his speech making is. Someone’s gone to a lot of trouble to make this.

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