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Gai Waterhouse’s daughter-in-law has posted some hilarious pictures of racing legend Gai Waterhouse and her granddaughter Rosie.

Tom’s wife Hoda shared these wonderfully intimate pictures on Instagram hours before today’s Melbourne Cup, which show young Rosie getting away with something only a grandma would allow.

Yep, that’s right, little Rosie is eating her dinner out of Grandma’s Melbourne Cup!

It’s believed the picture was taken in 2013 after Ms Waterhouse won her first Melbourne Cup with her horse Fiorente.

One can only assume it’s the winner’s replica of the trophy! Trainers and jockeys are given a miniature replica of the cup, which is much larger.

Ms Waterhouse had two horses in today’s race, which was won by Prince of Penzance.

Hoda also shared this photo of two-year-old Rosie brushing her grandma’s hair.

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Can you imagine your grandkids getting away with this? (We’re guessing the answer is yes!) What do you let your grandkids do that Mum and Dad wouldn’t?

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