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If you’re looking for something to test your grey matter, give this riddle a go!


A man is travelling to a town and comes to a fork in the road. If he goes left, he goes to the liars’ village. If he goes right, he then goes to the village of truths – which is where he wants to go. However, he does not know which way is which.

He doesn’t have time to go both routes, so he approaches a stranger who is standing in the middle of the fork. The stranger says he may only ask 3 questions and he will answer them.

The man asks, “Are you from the village of truths?” The stranger says, “Yes!” However, the man is still facing a dilemma: If the stranger was from the village of truths he can only tell the truth, but if he was from the village of liars, he would say he was from the village of truth.

So then he asks the stranger, “Are you telling the truth?” The stranger says, “Yes!” But sadly this leaves the man in the same position as before.

Can you figure it out?


Click here to find out the answer.

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  1. I think he should asked to follow him home….if he is a liar he will go the other way anyway…if he telling the truth all is well????? no really sure myself….lol

  2. Ask which way some one from the village of liars would send him and go the opposite way.

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