The Queen’s Twitter account is hilarious and scathing… but there’s one tiny catch 20



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She’s a woman of few words, but behind closed doors, who knows what the Queen is thinking?

Well, this hilarious Twitter account might give us some insight: it’s the Queen’s innermost thoughts, broadcast to 1.3 million people.

But there’s a slight catch: it’s not really the Monarch talking, it’s a parody, however it doesn’t seem to matter to the thousands who retweet and reply to her daily remarks.

If you’re up for a Sunday giggle, we’ve found some of her best tongue-in-cheek tweets:

You can see the rest of the tweets here.

Tell us, do you think this is funny? What do you really think the Queen would say?

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  1. Clever. But I have read that she has a very dry sense of humour. When you think about it, she has clocked up some rough miles with the smooth.

  2. [email protected]

    I think the Queen would be more than able to get her point across without stooping to the low life’s of Twitter & Facebook . After all she has been married to the Duke of Edinburgh for over six decades ! So has learnt to have to.

  3. The “monarchy” are parasites – they cannot justify their existence. 😑

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    • An anachronism, perhaps – but parasitic, no. The UK and the Commonwealth – even though neither is what it was – are testaments to stability and the law. As long as the Queen reigns, I am OK with a monarchy. When she retires or expires, it may be time to for change.

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