The most stunning version of this Phantom Of the Opera song you’ll see this year 71



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Wow. Just wow! This sneak preview of Josh Groban’s upcoming concert features Kelly Clarkson, the original American Idol winner, and together they are just fantastic.

If you love The Phantom of the Opera, you must watch this!

Are you a fan of Josh Groban and The Phantom? Do you like this version that brings them together?

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  1. Na….not my style…. heavy rock or metal yes, but def not Susan Boyle ….. each to their own i say

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    • This is not Susan Boyle. It is cultural, classy and beautiful music. Maybe when you mature you will realize how wonderful this music really is. Obviously you do like music, so as you grow older hopefully you will appreciate this type of music more. I am 60 & my styles of music go from this genre through to ACDC, Elvis & Powderfinger.

    • Lol….as I say each to their own ….I am 63 and I don’t think I will mature anymore nor my style/genre of music change …. music is a big part in my life always had been.

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