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Tasmania has always been a beautiful place, but in the last week, two environmental phenomenons have occurred that have made it even more beautiful than we ever imagined!

Firstly, there was the bioluminescence – this happens when a microorganism (called Noctiluca scintillans​) has a chemical reaction occur inside giving an incredible glow whenever disturbed by movement. This has made water all around Tasmania appear a vivid blue that is absolutely stunning.

Then there is Aurora Australis, a phenomenon that is similar to the “Northern Lights” in the northern hemisphere. This happens when the sun reaches a solar maximum phase and solar flares and other activity occur more frequently than usual. The molecules in the atmosphere radiate excess energy generated by the solar activity and this gives the sky the incredible colours. The colours are determined by the types of particles being energised.

Red signals atomic nitrogen and yellow sodium, while green refers to atomic oxygen. Meanwhile, the movement of the clouds and swirls are associated with turbulence in the Earth’s atmosphere. It really is an unbelievable sight – it’s stunning, colourful and it glows!

So take a look at these incredible photographs below that people have shared on twitter and tell us, have you ever seen anything like this before? 





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  1. I have always loved Tasmania. However these photos are just stunning and add another layer of beauty to an already beautiful place.

  2. Bit petty I know but isn’t the plural of ‘phenomenon’ supposed to be ‘phenomena’?

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