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Released this year, these products could potentially improve your life. You may not believe it, but yes, these products are available for purchase!

These amazing products highlight how fast technology is changing.

Have a look below at 20 clever products that could change your life:


1. The alarm clock and coffee maker


Wake up with the smell of coffee. The world’s best alarm clock, called The Barisieur. An alarm clock that makes you want to get up in the morning.



2. Portable air-conditioner and cooler

air cond

Want to upgrade your cooler?  Keep your drinks cold and cool yourself down with Icybreeze.



3. Compact mirror and USB charger


A new gadget known as Pearl is both a portable mirror and charger! An essential for your handbag; look fresh and keep your phone charged at the same time!



4. Smart earbuds

ear buds

The name of these earbuds is Hush. These new earbuds block out the things you don’t want to hear: your partner’s snoring or neighbour’s party, and let you hear the things you want to hear: an emergency phone call or your alarm clock.


5. Egg separater

egg separator

Do you always have trouble separating your eggs? Want an easy solution? Here is the your answer: Yolkfish, a new kitchen gadget that helps you separate your eggs.



6. Sense-me fan


The Sense-me fan senses your movement, telling the fan to turn on and off when you enter and leave the room.



7. Self-cleaning fish tank

fish tank

You don’t need to get your hands dirty anymore! This an automatic fish tank cleaner named Avo, that cleans your tank when dirt and grime appear.



8. Grill cleaner

grill cleaner

Grillpot, a personal, automatic grill cleaner that saves you the hassle of having to clean your barbecue every time you use it.



9. Automatic inflatable umbrella


Cumulous is an umbrella that automatically inflates when the sun is out and deflates when the sun disappears. Cumulous is a perfect necessity for your beach travels.



10. Bluesmart – carry-on luggage


Bluesmart, is your all-in-one suitcase for your everyday needs. This amazing suitcase charges your phone, checks the weight through an app on your phone, locks the suitcase from the app and can track the suitcase’s location.



11. Projection watch

projector watch


Having trouble reading your watch? Ritot is the perfect watch that projects the time on your hand; keeping you constantly aware of the time and making it easy to read.



12. Home security device

security cam

The cocoon security gadget looks simple however it’s even better than a watch dog! It keeps your home secure by sensing activity that is around. It can even sense activity through walls and doors!



13. The family robot


Manage your life, coordinate your family, capture special moments, stay connected, develop new skills; this robot is your family companion. It tells you your reminders for the day, your text messages, and it can read to your children too. This amazing product is known as Jibo, is a family robot. Visit the source below to learn more about purchasing this product.



14. Egg scrambler


Known as the Golden Goose, this genius device scrambles eggs without ever breaking the shell. Visit the source below for more details!



15. Knife butter softener


Do you have trouble spreading butter on bread? Does it rip the bread because your butter is too hard? Well, this new creation lets you never have this problem again! Known as Butter-Up, a knife that lets you easily spread hard butter. Visit the source below for more information.



16. Face recognising smart cat feeder


Use this latest technology to make sure your cat is eating the right food at the right time. This gadget known as Bistro, recognises your cat’s face; feeding the cat the correct amount. It also monitors your cat’s nutrition. Visit the source below for more details on Bistro.



17. Flexible light


The Kangaroo Light can fold and bend. Use it as a portable light for when you are sleeping or for your grandchildren. It has an on and off switch that makes it that easy to wrap up and take it in your handbag.



18. Wine chiller aerator


Icecap, a new invention that keeps your wine cool. You can turn room-temperature wine into perfect-cellar-tempareture wine in seconds.



19. Cutlery drainer


A simple invention known as the Cutlery Drainer. A process of drying that becomes adorable.



20. Food scanning system

Track your food intake and know what your putting in your body. TellSpec is the new genius scanner, that scans your food and can calculate the amount of calories, nutrients, chemicals, allergens and ingredients. TellSpec is the new creation that lets you know EXACTLY what you are eating.


What do you think of these new products? What would you buy? Do you know any great products? Comment below to tell us more.

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  1. To separate eggs, just use any soft plastic bottle you have…water bottle, tomato sauce bottle, whatever
    Place opening over yolk, squeeze to suck yolk up.

    1 REPLY
  2. I wouldn’t mind the compact charger but I can see the egg scrambler making its way to the back of the cupboard and staying there.

  3. A bit of a worry when people can’t separate an egg or make scrabbled egg. A lot of useless gadgets to sit in the back cupboard

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