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We’ve all been waiting in anticipation for the birth of the second royal baby, and today Kate Middleton has revealed the due date for the new bundle of joy.

Prince William and the Duchess are expecting their second born in mid-late April! Kate told a volunteer at Brookhill Children’s Centre the great news, but kept mum on the gender.

Royal watchers are already betting it will be a girl, as Kate has been seen wearing a pale pink jacket. The young couple’s first child, Prince George is turning two on the 22nd of July, and looks like he’ll be able to celebrate with his new little brother or sister.

If George is anything to go by, the new baby will be just as adorable. Here are some photos of Kate yesterday at the Brookhill Children’s Centre, doesn’t she look radiant?


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  1. I’m not waiting in anticipation. Not the least bit excited.

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    • Hope one day you experience the joy & miracle of giving birth just as your parents did when you were born.

    • You did not read the question correctly. I have given birth to 3 beautiful children and looking forward to the birth of my grandchildren. I get very excited about a birth within my family and friends. I am sure they and their families are excited about the pending birth so to answer the question, am I excited about the birth of Kate’s baby I have more important things to be excited about.

  2. Like Cheryl I am not waiting in anticipation. Why the hype the only news around the royal birth relevant is a brief, and emphasis on the brief, news report saying they have had a child of whatever sex and it is to be called Fred, Mabel or whatever.

  3. I’m waiting for the impeding birth alright — the birth of a great-granddaughter — that’s important to me and my family, otherwise I really don’t give a rats about the Cambridges’ child.

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    • Wishing you all the very best for exciting arrival of your much wanted grandchild but so sad that you can’t feel the same for this family Royal or not.

    • Good wishes for the impending birth….but why be so rude about the birth of a royal child? Surely it’s better not to comment, than to leave such a nasty one.

    • The sad point is that the royals are pushed down our throats constantly …a lot of people would like to see the back of such an outdated system..they serve no purpose ..are unelected with very very questionable links to many peadophiles etc ..

    • Why is being excited about the birth of a great-grandchild in my own family rude and selfish??? I do not know the Cambridges, have never met them, and while it’s nice for them, the birth of their child does not affect me in the least. My comment was not nasty, as I really don’t care one way or the other about them.

    • So – because I answered a question in the negative (that is NO, for the uninitiated), I am rude and selfish??? When reading my comments, I have simply stated that I am not excited and do not care whether the Cambridges continue to procreate. Obviously, any further discussion on this point is useless, but I will be mindful that, to answer any questions on this site is fraught with danger!!!!!!

    • Who’s having royals constantly pushed down their throat? The closest I ever came to that was a well known Hollywood actor.

  4. ahh .no …would be interested in news regarding Vanuatu…an our amazing medical teams etc going over to assist …not some outdated system of royality…..

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  5. It’s always wonderful news 2hear that a beautiful new baby has been given life through the love of their parents……

  6. Ha ha….I thought I must be the only person in the world who wasn’t “waiting in anticipation”….but now I read these comments, I see quite a few of us don’t care much about the pending royal arrival!!

  7. I can’t wait to see another grandchild of Diana’s it’s so very sad that she won’t meet her grandchildren other wise as far as that dickhead Charles and the horse he is married to she shouldn’t be allowed near the baby. And as fr the queen and old Philip they got away with murder don’t care William should be our next king.

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