The Beckhams… What do you think Anna Wintour is thinking? 31



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Rebecca Wilson

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  1. she had to endure the grotty behaviour of North West and her equally grotty parents so obviously she was thinking that the Beckham kids are just not normal! Just goes to show that no matter how wealthy someone is, they can still raise their kids to be nice people. I’m impressed.

  2. Actually, I would rather read about the Beckhams than many other ‘celebrities’ who are famous for nothing more than a porn tape or reality show. Unlike the last child who was forced into the front row of a fashion show, these children look well behaved and, for the most part, interested in what is happening. They certainly aren’t screaming and crying. I honestly respect the Beckhams as parents. Their children seem well grounded unlike so many others.

  3. She looks ike she would be thinking they are an inconvenience – but if they are well behaved then its a credit to the Beckams as many parents these days have no control over their childrens behaviour in public or anywhere. The chidren tell the parents what to do nowadays.

  4. I think her second eldest son just started modelling?
    By the look of her she doesn’t like David Beckam’s aftershave. .

  5. To tell you the truth I don’t really care what she is thinking as fashion is not going to effect if some child goes hungry or if a woman has equal rights or if someone has freedom of speech

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