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Infamously known as ‘Vodafail’, Australian service provider Vodafone has finally conceded that their service needs to change and that they aim to be Australia’s favourite telco by the end of this year. But how?

Vodafone plan to change their complaints ratio – right now they have 10.5 complaints to every 10,000 services, whereas Telstra and Optus have 6.4 and 5.4 respectively. And they plan to do it with billions of dollars of investment into structural networks, by slashing costs of plans and giving customers more data plus free subscriptions to music streaming service Spotify.

There are currently 31 million subscribers to Telstra, Optus and Vodafone combined in Australia – more than our entire population…so clearly it’s a huge business and it’s high time complaints were listened to.

According to Errol van Graan, Vodafone’s new director of customer service, “We want to be the best in class when it comes to customer service,” he told The Age. “Our ambition is to halve [our complaints] and that by next year we will have the lowest complaints in the business per 10,000 customers”.

It’s clear that this is a change for the better, after their subscribers fell by 2.2 million over the last 5 years. Were you one of them?

They’ve even invested in a $12 million call centre in Hobart with Australian staff.

As for Telstra, our biggest telco, they have steadily held customers for years until a dip in 2014. Perhaps it was because of their failure to keep up with other service providers – they had some of the most expensive plans with the least amount of bang for your buck…until now.

This is the breakdown of what Telstra will now offer consumers, according to News Corp.

‘Bring your own’ device plans benefit most from the updates.

• The $45 a month plan now receives an extra 1.5GB of data, for a total of 2GB.

• The $55 a month plan now receives an extra 2GB of data, for a total of 3.5GB

• The $70 a month plan now receives an extra 3.5GB of data, for a total of 6GB

• The $95 a month plan now receives an extra 7GB of data, for a total of 10GB

If you already are on a Telstra plan, they will increase your data to the new limit, free of charge. Telstra have also announced they will include a 6-month free subscriptions to Foxtel’s Presto TV streaming service to new contracts.

So, tell us today: will you be a happier customer thanks to these changes? Have you ever complained about your service?

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  1. I have a pre paid phone and I am with Aldi at the moment, I have just changed to them, I was with Optus but this is a far better plan for far I am happy

  2. It will be great if Vodaphone fix up their problems and become a worthy competitor to Telstra. Because Telstra have the widest coverage, many stay with them. But they are still the most expensive of all the telcos.

    2 REPLY
    • Telstra is expensive. The coverage is better than the others. Still, you can’t complain about the customer service. THERE IS NONE.

      1 REPLY
      • Leonie, I live in a small tourist town recently voted “The Best Small Town in the World to Live In” (Under 20,000). We have many overseas tourists?? I am with TELSTRA and 4 mins. from centre of town to my house. ONE BAR at any time coverage. AND I have a “blue tick” new iphone. I do hope Vodaphone do get onto their coverage etc. It gives us a choice. What is really funny I travelled through MONGOLIA and NW CHINA last year, a vast area! 5 BARS 24/7 WITHOUT FAIL!

  3. Yep I’m with Telstra home and lap top and vodaphone my mobile want a better cheaper plan/bundle don’t have wifi but sounds like I should ? Confused!

  4. I am with prepaid Boost Mobile $40 per month, their provider is Telstra. I used to be with Vodafone but their coverage was woeful, much happier now

  5. Telstra customer service is pathetic, non helpful. One can’t understand them . most if them aren’t in Australia. My daughter in law has so much trouble trying to sort her account out. She asks to be put onto an Australian speaking person and they flat out refuse. Once she was and problem fixed… That’s her home phone. She is vodaphone and optus for her mobiles no problems.

  6. I live in rural SA and have stuck with Telstra simply because nobody else has the mobile coverage. We have bundled all our devices to get a better rate. My last couple of interactions with Telstra have been a greatly improved experience over some of the lack of service I have had in the past.

  7. Mash the hash to get to talk to Australian call centre staff. Telstra doing a good job even OS staff are generally helpful!

  8. with great disgust im with TELSTRA only because of there coverage there phone & broadband service sucks

  9. hows Optus i have a pre paid with $120 on it and got a message re charge or you wont be able to use your phone , from an old business phone i had .

  10. I am with Optus as i get a good deal with them. However, I do have a cheap prepaid Telstra mobile that I use when travelling as optus still doesn’t have Australia wide coverage.

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    • Ruth check the ALDI plan it is on the telstra broadband and you don’t have to recharge every few months like last for 365 days money on it or not

    • Leanna.
      We don’t have an Aldi here.
      But my current plan is $90 a month which gives me unlimited mobile calls, 2 gb on my mobile and 2gb on my computer, $100 calls on my home phone, this includes home phone line rental and free SMS and MMS and free FB. My contract is up in July and may look at changing it then. Currently I need the unlimited calls as I call my mother ling distance every morning and she sometimes talks for ages.

  11. Starts at Sixty
    Can you please ban these scams from the site. They are simply trying to rip off elderly and vunerable people.
    The latest is this one from Jasmine Green.

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